Piñan is not far from the city capital of the province of Zamboanga del Norte which is why it is easy for tourists to visit the place.


The best way to reach Piñan is through land transportation. Being in the Northwestern part of the province, the town is surrounded by hills and mountains that make land travel the best alternative to reach the place.

For commuters, jeepneys are the only means of transportation. Buses and vans are not yet available in town because the Municipality Bus Terminal, one of the projects of the municipal government, is still currently under construction.
It willonly take P30 to reach the town proper of Piñan. This amount however, is reduced to P25 for senior citizens’ and students’ privileges. Identification card is required to avail the privilege.

Because Piñan is 21 kilometers far from Dipolog City which is the capital city, it would take 45 minutes to 1 hour for jeepneys to reach the destination.

Jeepneys are available at the Dipolog City Bus Terminal located at Quezon Avenue corner Kagatan Road, Barangay Miputak, Dipolog City. Many of the vehicles can also be found at the bus stop fronting Jose Rizal Memorial State University near Dipolog City Rotunda also known as the P’gsalabuk Circle.

Residents prefer to take jeepneys at the bus stop rather than at the terminal due to its location and also because jeepneys are available at the bus stop until 7:45 in the evening while at the terminal, jeepneys are no longer available at night time.

Private vehicles are the most convenient mode of transportation towards the municipality. It would take lesser time to reach the town proper since it will no longer stop to take passengers. It would need at least 3 litres of gasoline to reach and get back to Dipolog City.


There is no airport in Piñan. The nearest airport when travelling in air is the Dipolog Airport situated at Barangay Minaog, Dipolog City. From the airport, Motorcabs are available to get you to the terminal or to the bus stop for Piñan. It would cost P8, which is the standard fare rate in Barangay Minaog to reach the city proper.


When travelling by sea, Dapitan port will be the first destination of your travel. From there you can take jeepneys or buses that go to Dipolog City. Most of the time, visitors and even residents take motorcabs to Dipolog which are also available in the port.