Piñan envisions to be called THE FRUIT AND FLOWER HAVEN OF ZANORTE. The municipality is blessed with healthy soils; capable of nourishing agricultural crops such as vegetables like: squash, eggplants, ampalaya, cucumber, upo, pechay, and some rootcrops; spices like: onions, bell peppers, etc.; and fruits like: santol, durian, banana, rambutan and mangosteen. This is a reflection that the place is fertile enough to attribute its vision. Production of flowers therefore, may have a good future in this town.

Such crops are usually the main products the locals sell in the community. Production of these crops is the main industry commonly possessed by the merchants. The industry is in nature, seasonal; and people come and go—bringing and/or seeking commercial opportunities; no wonder, financial institutions like: the Rural Bank of Liloy, Rural Bank of Katipunan, and Banco Dipolog branches are now providing lending and banking services to the municipality—a sign of progressiveness. Other forms of businesses may arise soon, especially that the populace is still growing.