Located in Poblacion South, Piñan, Zamboanga del Norte erects an entrance landmark of the municipality before entering the town proper. This was established on June 19, 1971 during the term of Hon. Mayor Pacifico C. Cimafranca who was the incumbent mayor that time. The structure was dedicated to Atty. Leoncio S. Hamoy—a former Provincial Fiscal of Zamboanga before its Subdivisions who blasted the way in this valley, pioneered and settled here and invited others to follow, thereby forming the nucleus of what is now the Municipality of Piñan.

Otherwise known as UBAY TRIANGLE PLAZA; located in the heart of the Municipality of Piñan; with an area of 2 000 sq. meters more or less, you will reach this landmark which is named TRIANGLE because of its unique shape which looks like a triangle. The landmark was established in the year 50’s, during the time of Cong. Alberto Q. Ubay as congressman.
Most often children are seen roaming and playing around early morning and afternoon in the plaza. This also used to be a favorite place for young men and women including adults—spending their leisure time together while enjoying the beauty of nature; relaxing, and waiting the sun to set.
Presently, the Mushroom structure that you can see in the Plaza is actually a replacement of the older one which was rehabilitated (actually smaller than the one in the present) by the present administration; with Hon. Cecilia Jalosjos-Carreon as the Mayor—fearing that it might harm individuals.

With an area of 15 hectares; landscaped, and planted with fruit trees like: mangosten, rambutan, durian, lansones and banana; experience the richness of tropical atmosphere of this farm. This hilly place is overlooking the Municipality of Polanco and the City of Dipolog. It is located in Barangay Desin, Piñan, and is 14 kilometers away from the heart of the town. It can also be reached; passing the Municipality of Polanco.

This is a farm where you can see piggery, horses, sheep and cattles. Fruits like: mangosten, lanzones, and rambutan are also abundant during seasons. You can locate the place in Barangay Poblacion North, of this Municipality.


The patron saint of the people of Piñan is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Since the place of Piñan became a parish, the inhabitants celebrate the 30th day of July as the exact date of the fiesta of the saint. A festival called PASUNGKO then was named and it has been celebrated over the years.

The people of the Poblacion South celebrate Sinulog every last Sunday of the month of January. They are honoring the Sen. Sto. Niño as their patron saint–the history tells that most of the people from this barangay migrated from Camotes, Cebu, where their patron was the same saint. These migrants brought their patron in Poblacion South thereby making them worshipping the Holy Child. From generation to generation then, the tradition kept inherited.

In celebration of the Araw ng Piñan & Town Fiesta, farmers and residents of the 22 Barangays of Piñan enjoy this yearly activity. In the fair, the Best Communal Garden is chosen through a competition. Each Barangay should design and put up a “Bahay Kubo” as their representation. The event is usually opened with a parade, with the participants wearing farmers’ attires, along with decorated carts–symbolizing the productivity of their respective barangays. Also, during the occasion, the products that the barangays produce are being showcased. This community activity is a way of inspiring the locals of the Municipality, especially the farmers to work harder for food sufficiency and be more productive.


This amazing creation of nature has been noted to be enticing to people who want soak themselves to pure and clear waters. This form of water body is indeed fit for recreations and the like; however, to reach the site is the problem. As of now, going there is almost impossible, but this natural attraction will soon be designed to invite tourism to Piñan. The LGU is keeping its eye to the development of this pride of the whole community.

This attraction in located at Barangay Luzvilla which is 25 kilometers away from the heart of the town. This fine place is overlooking the cities of Dipolog and Dapitan as well as the Province of Zamboanga del Sur. Nature lovers who reached the place could testify its God given beauty wherein you can feel the soothing coolness of the breeze if you are in the location which made it called by others as “Little Baguio.” Wild trees, plants, countless birds and water springs can be seen in the place. The LGU has been dreaming to develop and preserve this hill and make it a known tourist destination.

Piñan is known of rivers and creeks. Passing along the town is the beautiful Dipolog River which has been known because of its width and depthness.