As the principal health provider, assures quality and leads in putting health in the hands of the people by 2020.



  • Bring basic health services to all people especially the under privileged and the underserved;
  • Strengthen the resources of municipal health office for better service delivery;
  •  Increase level of health awareness of the community;
  •  Foster health personnel career advancement.


Core values

  • Commitment
  • God Fearing
  •  Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Compassion


List of Personnel

Name Job Title
Ricardo S. Awit, MD, MPH Municipal Health Officer
Ms. Armilinda R. Ocampo, RN Public Health Nurse
Mr. Vincent D. Vallecer Rural Sanitation Inspector
Ms. Merlyn B. Gualderama Midwife III
Ms. Shiela Alfonso Midwife II
Ms. Cristita C. Belangoy Midwife III
Ms. Richel L. Bagatua Midwife II
Ms. Elma S. Loyloy Midwife II
Ms. Lodesma S. Laranjo Midwife II
Ms. Emerenciana M. Palconayo – Midwife II
Ms. Percy L. Sabejon Midwife II
Ms. Delia J. Vallecer Midwife II
Ms. Jocelyn de Leon, RMT Medical Technologist

Office Hours

Consultation is daily:

AM – 8:00 – 12:00
PM – 1:00 – 5:00

Daily Schedule:

Monday            – Consultation/Reporting
Tuesday            – Consultation/Home Visits
Wednesday      – Consultation/Pre Marriage Counseling/Immunization/Field
Thursday          – Consultation/Family Planning Clinic
Friday               – Consultation/Reporting

Dental Services – Every Tuesday
TB-Dots           – Monday-Friday