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The municipality of Piñan plans to hold a capability skills program on the use of internet in their newly built eCenter facility this January.

The plan includes how to make e-mails and to conduct research by using search engines in the web. The plan is expected to start after the four computers given by the National Computer Center (NCC), a center that provides information bases for integrated planning and implementation of development programs and operational activities in the government will be transferred to the eCenter facility which has been fully furnished just recently. There are a total of six computers, because the local government unit bought one additional unit for users, and another unit which will be used for the server.

Anyone can enrol for the capability skills training, but the main purpose of the program is to reach out to out of school youths and help them gain knowledge in one of the advancement of technology, which is the internet.
The capability skills program will start as soon as the eCenter will start operating.

Employees from the local government will be the lecturers on the training. They will discussed different topics and will assigned different personnel at time intervals to maximized time used and to be able to cope up with their duties in the municipality hall. Lecture hours will be arranged by shift to schedule employees on their duty hours in the facility. The same with those who will be interested to learn, they will also be scheduled because the computers can’t accommodate many students.

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